2 FONTANE FREDDE Vertical Sparkular machine verticale

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Cold Spark Waterfall copia

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Stage Wedding 500W Waterfall Sparklers Cold Fireworks Spark Machine For Stand Truss Waterfall Cold Sparkular Fountain Machine


The Waterfall Cold Spark machine is a indoor and outdoor cold spark firework fountain machine, removing traditional pyrotechnic techniques. The product is widely used in all kinds of large and medium-sized show performances, wedding, disco, night club etc.

The advantages of Sparctic Cold Firework Machine compared to traditional pyrotechnics as follows:

  1. No smoke; NO foul smell;
  2. Touchable spark, very safe, no traditional danger and no irritant;
  3. Easy to carry and convenient for transportation;
  4. Low consumption; Environment friendly;
  5. Support wireless control,LCD and DMX operation, is more easy and convenient in multiple locations.





Waterfall Spak Fountain height?1-5meter, have 3 height level

Fuse?110V/10A 220V/6A

Connector?Double DMX port, double AC power port

Working Temperature: -10? to 50?

Connect quantity?Max 6pcs

Warm up time: Less than 8 minutes

Up to 10-20min of shoot time after fill up.

Housing: Anti-Flaming ABS, honeycomb design, high quality cooling system

Interface: Double DMX input out connector, double AC powercon in and out interfaces

Control Mode: DMX 512, wireless remote control


Net Weight: 5.0kg

Single carton packing size: 290*290*300mm?? Gross weight: 5.5kg

2In1 carton packing size: 610*305*320mm? ???Gross weight:11kg

2In1 flight case packing size:590*320*375mm? Gross weight:21kg

4In1 flight case packing size: 610*590*375mm? Gross weight: 39kg

Peso 20 kg
Dimensioni 60 × 30 × 30 cm


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