Controller Super pro512

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 Super Pro 512 Controller 


  1. 512 DMX channels, DMX512/1990 standard,output port with optical isolated.
  2. Up to 60 intelligent Fixtures or 60 dimmer may be connected.
  3. 62 chase programs, up to 100 steps per procedure. Each step time (TIME) and gradient (CROSS) parameters are set independently. Optional automatic speed control, intelligent manual beat control (SWING) or music synchronization control
  4. Can run six chase program, 62 preset scenes,and at the same time on the 62 computer lights lantern operation.
  5. 31 macro environment programs (MACRO)
  6. Equipped with USB interface.
  7. LCD display with backlight.
  8. 16Bit X/Y control accuracy can set the positive and negative direction of X/Y axis.
  9. Built-in graphic trajectory generator (SHAPE), which is convenient for users to control the graphic trajectory of computer lights, such as drawing circle, gradual circle, line, figure of eight, wave and other effects. Graphic parameters (such as speed, size, expansion, direction) can be set independently.
  10. The editing of chase programs can realize the operations of copying, pasting, adding (inserting) and deleting the chase programs.
  11. Equipped with a USB interface, users can use the U disk to save their precious data, and the file system is compatible with WINDOWS XP.
  12. Shutdown data retention.





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