1500w Water fog Machine

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New Design Water Based Smoke Machine 1500W Water Mist Low Ground Fog Smoke Stage Effect Machine With Hose Outlet


The 1500W Mist Low Fog Machine is a new amazing low fog machine, it works with only water and fog liquid, no need Dry Ice.

It can provide a huge amount of white low fog.

For fog liquid function, you could get more heavier and denser fog, the machine is controlled by remote controller and manual, equipped with wheels, and package by flight case, more easy for moving and installation.

High efficiency and low usage cost, it is the best option of stage low fog effect.

New Double hose and outlet design, shoot up more fog

Technical specification:

Smoke output: 1800 cuft/min

Area Coverage:100m2

Fuse: 20A/250V

Power: 1500W

Voltage: 220V or 110V

Fog tank volume: 1L

Water Tank: Add around 4-6L water in water tank just cover the Water Line, the water will flow to water tank 2

Main fuel : Water, and add some haze liquid ( 1 Liter liquid can use for about 24 hours)

Control: LED display control, Remote control, manual control

Packing size: 64*36*53cm

Net Weight: 26Kg

Gross Weight: 27.7Kg


  1. Always make sure there is liquid in water fog tanks but no more than the MAX LEVEL. This machine is different with normal fog or low fog machine, as it can’t work with over level liquid if your pump switch is off. Operating without any liquid inside will cause pump out of work. If your low fog liquid is used up, can add clean water in the fog tank instead of the low fog liquid when the machine on working.
  2. If both tank is water, will create thin fog, can only used indoor and no wind, the fog need enough time to accumulate, the wind will dissipate the fog quickly. It is good for small stage and water no cost, also easy to get. If want perfect heavy low smoke effect, MUST water tank put water, fog tank put low fog liquid.
  3. Low fog liquid is pure water based mist liquid which no add water in it. Can only ship by sea, can’t by express. If you can’t find this kind fog liquid, can also use heavy fog liquid to instead.
  4. The machine can operate nonstop, if you can add water and fog liquid once they use up
  5. We recommend a frequent cleaning of the unit. Please use a soft lint-free and moistened cloth. Never use alcohol or solvents.

6.After you use the machine, need drain off the water in tank, then use cloth to dry it. Every time after usage, don’t turn off the power immediately, wait for 1-2 minutes then turn off the power.

Packing List

1pc 1500w Water Low Fog Machine

1pc Power Cable

1pc Remote Controller ( Without battery, customer need buy in own country)

1pc User Manual

1pcs Hose Pipe

1pc Outlet

Peso 30 kg
Dimensioni 65 × 35 × 53 cm




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