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Dry Ice Fog Machine 3500w


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Dry Ice Fog Smoke Machine Disco DJ 3500W

The Dry Ice Fog Machine is a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. It is a powerful machine that heats enough water to create fog from 10lbs of dry ice to provide over 10 minutes of run time. Dual heaters allow for faster heat-up and recycle times, a low water sensor increases safety, and an adjustable, multi-level control arm allows the output and flow of the dry ice fog machine to be easily controlled.


  • Professional dry ice machine creates thick, white fog that hugs the floor
  • Simple, plug-n-play operation quickly heats water to its optimal operating temperature
  • Second heating element heats the water in half the time
  • Adjustable, multi-level control handle manipulates the output and flow
  • Low-water and temperature sensors automatically shut off heaters for added safety


Voltage: AC 90V-240V 50/60HZ


Normal Heat-up Time: 12~15min(3500W)

Electric Temperature Control: 70-80

Water Consumption: 10L (up to waterline)

Max Continuous Output Duration: 5~6min

Fog Output Coverage: 70-100 square meters, max around 200 square meter

Materials: Dry ice and water

Machine Size: 34x34x44cm

Package Size: 49x49x47cm

N.W. 10.5kg

G.W. 11kg


Operations Instruction:

  1. First open the lid to add 10L water in tank, then close lid.
  2. Connect the power plug with power. The red indicator light is on, means the water is in heating now. After around 12~15 minutes, the green indicator light is on, means finish heating, it is ready. Then can turn off the power.
  3. Open the lid again, raise the black handle on the side to raise the metal basket to not touch water, add around 3Kg dry ice in the basket, then close the lid.
  4. Lower the handle to lower the basket to make dry ice touch water, heavy fog will come out from the round outlet. You can connect the outlet with 3m tube, to make the fog to lying on the ground have better effect



  1. The dry ice machine is 3500W big power. Make sure use enough power supply to run the machine. If it is 220V, must use 16A 220V power supply. Home common power plug board is not able to support such as large current.
  2. Before connect with power, must add water in tank. Make sure the silver floating ball can move after add water.
  3. You can raise or lower the black handle to control the smoke output. Raise handle means reduce fog amount, lower handle means increase fog amount.
  4. The machine will create heavy fog until use up the dry ice inside. If want short time fog output, can put less dry ice inside, if you want long time fog output, can add dry ice after used up.

Packing List:

1pc Dry Ice Fog Machine

1pc User Manual

1pc Hose

2pc Metal Circle Fixator for Hose

1pc Metal Outlet optional

1pc Moveable Base with wheel optional

1pc Flight Case optional

Standard package is carton, metal outlet, movable base and flight case need extra money.



Standard With Hose?included 1pc machine and 1pc hose by carton.

With Outlet No Base?included 1pc machine, 1pc hose and 1pc metal outlet by carton.

With Base No Outlet?included 1pc machine, 1pc hose?and 1pc movable?base by?carton.

With Base And Outlet?included 1pc machine, 1pc hose, 1pc movable?base and 1pc metal outlet by carton.

With Outlet Fly Case?included 1pc machine, 1pc hose, 1pc metal outlet by?flight case.


Peso 20 kg
Dimensioni 49 × 49 × 47 cm




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